The Vegas Nightmare

My name is Conrad and I have been in the gambling business for over 30 years. I have always wanted to start a business in the gambling niche and with Covid-19 thing going on it gave me lots of time to think about a business plan and get it going. I tracked my results for several months and now very content with my results. I started this business so that I can offer you something I didnt get when I started....a mentor/ teacher to show me the way. I did everything self taught and boy was it a struggle. My first ten years were horrible. However, 30 years later I am able to say that 80% of my income comes from my wagers. With that being said, I would like for you to give me the opportunity to be your mentor/coach and show you the way so that you will be successful and not have to go through what I went through. So let me help you and I will show you the MONEY!


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Statistics Per Individual Sport
  Sport   Wins Losses ROI Win %
  NFL0   0   0.00   0 %  
  NCAAF0   0   0.00   0 %  
  NBA0   1   -33.00   0 %  
  NCAAB0   0   0.00   0 %  
  MLB2   2   -39.10   50 %  
  NHL1   0   35.10   100 %  
  Soccer2   0   78.00   100 %  
  Past 30 Days 0   0   0.00   0 %  
  Season Totals 5   3   41.00   63 %  

*Return on Investment (ROI) figure above represents profits made based on a $100 per unit risk amount.


"I do my handicapping but I believe in second opinions. I've used your service going on seven years and can honestly say its been a good investment. When we match on picks I increase my wager units and when we disagree I get off the game. Thanks for being SOLID all these years."
                                                                                                     BROCK R.
                                                                                                     Minneapolis, MN, USA

"Heard you on Mad Dog. At one point I was paying a dozen services and getting my head cracked open. I am actually winning right now... $5,100 in 47 days which isn't getting me rich but it beats a sharp stick in the eye. Thanks fellas."
                                                                                                      STEVE M.
                                                                                                      Clearwater, FL, USA

"First month, your system picks hit 65% on NBA. For the record, unlike most players and probably your clients, I didn't expect you to sustain that win rate. I've been doing this for 20 years. I was right. Second month you hit 62%, very respectable. Third month, you shocked us with 72% over 56 picks. This really is impressive. I like the fact there haven't been major drawdowns. Great Job."
                                                                                                       ERIC M.
                                                                                                       La Jolla, CA, USA